Karen Peck
Chief Executive Officer, Ridge Line Services, Inc.

Karen started her career in the grocery/retail industry over 20 years ago. She worked her way up the ladder to upper management where she discovered a profound interest in remodeling retail stores.

She started with TAB in 2001, where she was a Field Manager over the New Store Division. Since she had a unique skill set, she quickly moved into the corporate office taking on the responsibilities of Payroll/Office Manager. There she was able to utilize and develop her skills of attention to detail, persistence, and guidance. Her enthusiasm on a day to day basis is infectious to those around her. In early 2008 after years of hard work dedication and various employment opportunities she has been able to obtain the position of the CEO/Owner of Ridge Line Services Inc. As the founder and first employee she has grown Ridge Line to work with multiple clients. Ridge Line is 100% woman owned and has had the opportunity to join an elite group of companies called Women’s Business Enterprise Council (WBENC). Karen is looking into the future with encouragement and positive outlook to expand her company.

Karl Burg
Director, Business Development, Ridge Line Services, Inc.

Karl has over thirty years of wireless operations, business development and organizational expertise. His years of experience, professionalism and achievements has fostered long lasting relationships with the nations primary wireless service providers, the leading wireless OEM’s, preeminent turf vendors and tower owners. Karl has constructed over 15,000 wireless transmission facilities on four continents. His knowledge of the Distributed Antenna space is bolstered by having sold, engineered, integrated and managed several hundred DAS facilities throughout the United States. Joining Ridge Line will allow him to do what he enjoys as well as continue to thrive in the industry.